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TV drama 'bang cut firewood' kunlun hotel in Beijing the boot

Date: 2012-08-31

It is a net news (reporter correspondent LiuLing ZhangZhiPing text/chart) LiuHaiGe and HuXiuYing story from the legend to the flower, from the song and dance drama to cartoons, now and in the TV series deduced. On August 28, municipal party committee propaganda department by the communist party's changde, changde, hunan radio and television stations and media co., LTD. Jointly shooting large-scale youth idol myth TV drama "bang cut firewood", kunlun hotel in Beijing held a grand boot ceremony.

The high-profile television dramas, and to all for the magic treasures for gold towel gourd and triggered a series legend and bang and a fairy fox nine younger sister HuXiuYing the affection between the turns and twists for plot lines, with the new visual Angle explore the traditional story in today's social life of the new luminescent spot, acura praise the beauty of. Photographed the "new dragon inn", "the return of the" Hong Kong famous director LiHuiMin will personally fencing, presenting to you this legendary love story.

Now that is so-called youth idol drama myth, the nature is little not all drowned in this matter. Production FangLi invited domestic a line idol star flicks, want to try to send their hit to cause a fashion youth with the legend of the story. Man and a number, is starred in the seven swords tianshan mountain ", "ShuJianEnQiu record" wait for drama mainland popular idols QiaoZhenYu. And the female one, is the famous singer song zuying's sister, worked in hunan satellite TV "ugly invincible third season" played an important role to SongJiaLing. For BaoMei for escort, song zuying not only to boot conference site, also sang TV theme song.

TV series, changde citizens will see his side many beautiful scenery. The play will be the peach garden scenic area, zhejiang hengdian film base for making the main scene, also will be in zhuhai's willow lake, Germany mountain, flowers YanXi, star tokuyama, pot bottle mountain, LuoPing, LiXian ChengTou mountain, HanShou, shooting part of the scene. Therefore, the peach garden tourism district denounce is gigantic endowment make LiuHaiCun, from the situation on reproduction legends and recorded in the fairyland and ancient human life scene scene impression, so as to make a bang chang DE city cut firewood story birthplace brand image.