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Beijing bandung autumn artwork auction held in Beijing kunlun hotel

Date: 2011-12-19

Report from our correspondent (WenYi) Beijing bandung autumn artwork auction previewing recently held in Beijing kunlun hotel.

This autumn auction blockbuster new contemporary ceramic and contemporary jade high-quality goods, including special contemporary ceramic more than one hundred and sixty works almost covers the modem jingdezhen famous, contemporary ceramic masters of film, the contemporary jade special performance of eighty-eight piece of work, but also covers the domestic many jade carving master's high-quality goods. According to Beijing bandung auction co., LTD., executives said Mr. Wang hao, the special performance of more than one hundred and sixty works, drawn up to 60 million yuan, there is no lack of among them blue and white king king step, painting porcelain ZhangSongMao famous classical works, and at the same time, jingdezhen bead mountain eight friends, bead mountain small eight friends by all have works involve.

In the contemporary famous aspects, this special performance covers the WangXiLiang, DaiRongHua, ladd congruent generations of national craft master work. The king step of blue and white "political and military achievements diagram" diamond brush pot, the shape of a unique, highly personal style, wang is extremely rare in the four treasures of the excellent work. Valuation for 2.8 million yuan to 5.5 million yuan. Jade made many highlights, a total of collected region toward the kingdom, and XiaHuiJie, debugging lean on health, SuRan, li dong, CuiLei, etc LaoZhongQing three generations of jade carving masters 88 pieces of works, covers the Beijing palace jade carving, Shanghai, Sue help, yangzhou worker and contemporary jade carving main schools.

The auction of jiuge, there is a "China bottle element the first person", "thin body region," said the master of Chinese arts craft, willow dynasties country spend years efforts made "blossom riches and honour" chain bottle, the bottle the issue from qing dynasty palace built in thin body do wondrous, vessel wall ground to 1 millimeter thin, and as thin as a cicada's wings of the womb wall, set LouDiao, deep carved, anaglyph various process of dacheng, meaning auspicious riches and honour. This bottle appraisal 4 million to 6 million yuan.