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Summit Club Restaurant

Enjoy a panoramic view of Beijing's Central Business and Embassy Districts at the only revolving lounge and restaurant in the CBD area while relaxing to live musical performances. The chic and sophisticated Summit Club is the ideal venue for business meetings, social gatherings and special occasions. The lunch and dinner menus offer a tempting selection of Chinese, Western, Japanese and Indian culinary delights, all of which are prepared before your eyes in the Club's open kitchen.

Signature Dishes:Baked Escargot with Herb Butter and Cheese、Lobster Bisque、Sirloon Steak、Marinated Jelly Fish and Cucumber with Vinegar and Thai Chili、Stewed Whole Sea Cucumber with Scallion、Deep-fried Crispy Prawns with Cereal、Wagyu Beef Sirloin、Indian Style Bread、Beef Curry、Stir-fried Garden Greens Thai Style、Beef with Flat Rice Noodles in Soup

Simple House

One of China's most influential flavors Lu cuisines from Shandong Province is characterized by its seafood and soup dishes. Simple House is the ideal environment to sample these pure and simple flavors. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped greenery and flowing water throughout the restaurant.

Signature Dishes:Braised Sea Cucumber and Scallion、Braised Noodles Soup with Beans、Home –style Stir-fried Chinese Cabbage with Chili Sauce、Traditional Shandong Style Deep-fried Meatballs、Wild Yellow Croaker Braised with Bean Sauce、Shandong Style Pancake with Vegetables and Shrimp paste.

Jade Shanghai Flavor

The incredibly and intricately designed Shanghai Flavor Restaurant serves what is arguably some of the best Shanghainese cuisine in the city. Graced with the talents of world-renowned Master Chef Zhao Renliang, the Restaurant boasts a breathtaking white marble decor, and elegant chandeliers.

Signature Dishes:Braised Shark's Fin with Matsutake、Braised Bird's Nest with Crab Meat、Briased Sea Cucumber with Millet、Sauteed Crystal Shrimps、Braised Eight Treasures with Chili Paste.

Jin Yuan Restaurant

Designed in the vision of an imperial Chinese garden, Jin Yuan Restaurant captures the ambiance of old world China. A winding path flows throughout the restaurant, integrating a central white marble circular dining platform with the rest of the decor. Patrons may enjoy nightly performances of traditional Chinese music as they dine in a setting that captures the quintessence of Chinese tradition.

Signature Dishes:Boiled Duck Blood, Beef Tripe and Sea Cucumber、Boiled Sliced Fish "Suchuan" Style、Braised Pork with Chinese Wine and Soy Sauce、Braised Shark's Fin with Oat in Superior Broth、Fried Prawns with Peanuts and Chili、Braised Sea Cucumber、 Boiled Noodles in Spicy Oil、Layered Pancakes Stuffed with Pork.

Ma Cherie Thai Vietnamese

Ma Cherie Restaurant captures the exotic and unique flavors of Vietnam and Thailand with the help of talented chefs native to each of these respective countries. The restaurant is the perfect setting to sample the wonderfully distinctive cuisines of Southeast Asia.

Signature Dishes:Thai Hot and Sour Prawn Soup "Tom Yam Kung"Style、Vietnamese Spring Rolls、Deep-fried Prawn on Sugarcane、Stewed OX Tail in Clay Pot "French" Style、Boiled Fish Thai Style、Stir-fried Crab with Yellow Curry、Giant Head Prawn、Seafood Fried Rice in Whole Pineapple、Rice Noodles in Soup (with a choice of Raw or Cooked Beef).

Keikoku Japanese

Experience the elegant and simple sophistication of Japanese cuisine at Keikoku Japanese Restaurant. Designed in the image of a traditional Japanese fishing village, the restaurant includes private tatami rooms, robatayaki grills, as well as teppanyaki grills that transport patrons to a unique world as they experience an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.

Signature Dishes:Assorted Deluxe Sashimi Platter(7 Kinds)、Fatty Tuna Sashimi、Matsutake Teapot Soup、Top Grade Wagyu Beef Sirloin Teppanyaki.

Skyline Cafe

Open 24 hours, Skyline Café offers all day coffee and beverages and a wonderful selection of a la carte favorites, as well as buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests may also order gourmet cakes and enjoy Chinese-style late-night snacks.

Yun Hai Korean

The dining room is extravagantly splendid take special note of the black and gold tile mosaic on the floor. The Korean Chef injects flair into a menu classic that includes Korean barbeque, traditional royal cuisine and Korean specialties will satisfy your tastebuds.

Sunshine Lounge

The Sunshine Lounge provides a tranquil and mature environment to enjoy a moment with friends or colleagues. Patrons may enjoy a quiet drink or a cup of special blend select coffee in a peaceful setting surrounded by lush greenery.

Mezzanine Lounge

The city's most sophisticated locale for afternoon tea, the Mezzanine Lounge offers a truly elegant ambiance that will delight even the most discerning patron. Enjoy a bird's eye view of both the Hotel Lobby and grounds through the contemporary wall-to-wall glass decor. The Mezzanine Lounge serves coffee, a variety of beverages, and an afternoon tea buffet that is ideal for those seeking to relax or to discuss business.

Lobby Bar

The centerpiece of the newly designed lobby, the Lobby Bar features an impressive rendition of the Hotel's namesake - majestic the Kunlun Mountains. Guests may relax in a modern yet romantic atmosphere while enjoying coffee, assorted beverages, and a selection of fine teas.

Yan Club

Combination of eastern elegance and modern western design, serving lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Complete with a cigar and wine bar, VIP lounge, and live DJ with music nightly.

Old Jinjiang Cigar Bar

Located inside the Jade Shanghai Flavor Restaurant Restaurant, the Old Jinjiang Cigar Bar provides a tranquil old world setting where guests may enjoy a selection of quality cigars and drinks.